Best Bond Cleaning Group Privacy Policy

The privacy policy outlined here describes in detail about the collection of information, dissemination, storage, and security of the collected information by Best Bond Cleaning Group. The policy guidelines mentioned here are applicable across all the products, services offered by the company and to this website. 

The policy applies to any user who visits our website, whether they avail of our services or not. Any changes to this policy are made at the sole discretion of the Bond Cleaning Group company. The changes, if any, to the policy guidelines will be updated on this page. By using our website, the users consent to fall under the purview of the policy guidelines as detailed below.

Information collection

The data or information collected from our users can be broadly classified into two categories as explained under:

  1. Personally Identifiable Information or the PII: The information collected includes the name, contact information, email address, telephone number, and any other information that can personally identify the information to the user. 
  2. Other information: The information which does not directly identify the user like the geographical location, the kind of device used for logging in, the IP address, etc. 

The information is collected through various means as stated under:

  1. The personal information is collected voluntarily from the users when they visit our website through registration or subscription forms. 
  2. Providing these personal details is entirely decided by the user and he/she may refuse to provide the same. In such cases, the users may not be able to avail or use some of the services on the website. 
  3. The non-personal information is collected every time any user, from anywhere logs onto the website. This information includes IP address, the pages visited, the number of minutes users spend on a page, etc. 

Use of cookies

The Best Bond cleaning group employs cookies on their website to collect information that can enrich future user experience. As we continue to strive to provide seamless servicing, we are continuously looking for ways to enrich your journey on our website. These cookies help us to understand customer behavior and make necessary changes to our website for a better user experience. We use the cookies to understand site traffic, interaction, and other factors to help design a better buyers’ journey online on our website. 

The users have the choice to refuse these cookies on their browser by making the necessary changes in browser settings. However, some of the parts in our website may be disabled if the user has disabled the cookies.

Usage of information

The Best Bond cleaning group collects information about users, personal and non-personal for purposes as mentioned below:

  1. To enhance customer experience.
  2. To improve the levels of customer satisfaction by providing an efficient response.
  3. For better handling of customer service queries and other requests
  4. For providing updates to customers about upcoming offers and deals that they can avail of.

Information security

The Best Bond cleaning group employs the best encryption standards during the transmission and storage of data. We ensure adequate and appropriate measures of safety are taken to protect your information from destruction, unauthorized access, any other form of alterations made to your personal information. The safety precautions are undertaken both during the data transmission and when it is stored.

We do not provide the personal information given to us to anyone outside our business. We do not share or sell the personal information entrusted to us by our customers. 

However, we have other third-party vendors involved in providing you seamless servicing, who might have access to your information. We ensure that our vendors are 100% trustworthy and are extremely careful about the information we share.

We do not disclose the personal information we receive from our users unless the same is legally bound to be declared. 

The personally non-identifiable data is shared for marketing, advertising, and other related reasons.


Third-party links

Any changes to be made to this privacy policy are done so upon the sole discretion of the Bond Cleaning group company. The revised information is posted on the same website and we urge the users to frequently check this page to get the latest information about the privacy policies. Whenever a user visits our website, they agree to abide by the guidelines as issued under this privacy policy document. 

You can reach out to the representatives at our office if you have any questions regarding our privacy policy statement outlined here. 

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