The terms and conditions outlined herewith constitute the agreement between “The best bond cleaning group” and the customers who use their services. 

When a client avails our services, it is understood that they have perused this document and are well-versed with the terms and conditions mentioned here. By getting into an agreement with us, you consent to the following terms and the agreement is also bound by these. 


For a better understanding, we will be using the below terms in this document and these will refer to the parties/products as outlined below:

  1. Company or ‘We’ or ‘Our’ will refer to the company “The best bond cleaning group” or the representative from “The best bond cleaning group”.
  2. Clients or customers or you will refer to any person availing the services from the company as mentioned before.
  3. The property will refer to the place, residential or commercial, which requires the services of bond cleaning.
  4. Services will only refer to the services as offered by the company “The best bond cleaning group”.

By using any of our services, you are bound by the agreement as stated in the below terms. The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any given point, at its sole discretion. Any change made to the current terms will be updated on this page on our website. The customers or clients are requested to peruse this page for the latest terms of agreement before availing of any services with us.

If the client forms or agreements have additional terms, then the same will be applicable in addition to the terms outlined here. If there is any inconsistency between the two, then the terms and conditions outlined here will prevail to that extent and the company’s decision is final.

Service scope

The services offered by the company are outlined on our website and you can also get in touch with our operatives to get details on our services. The scope of these services will be decided mutually based on discussion between the company and the customers. 

  1. The discussion will include the services required, the fee/charges applicable, the property details, the date for servicing, etc. 
  2. The scope of services is clearly outlined and confirmed by both you and the company and is legally binding as per the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement in addition to the terms outlined here.
  3. The discussion can happen either in person or on phone or by email. In case of changes, by either the company or the clients, the original agreement has to be communicated and approved over email from both parties.
  4. There will not be any changes made on the initial agreement on the scope of services on the day of cleaning.
  5. The charges are initially given based on the requirements as per our understanding and this is subject to change later if there is any change in the information provided. The revised fee, if higher, has to be borne by the client on or before the day of cleaning.
  6. If cleaning of any particular property or space requires our cleaners to employ unsafe techniques, then we reserve the right to decline such requests. The company reserves the right to determine those services that are risky to be included in our scope for any given property. 

General customer terms

The terms and conditions outlined here apply to all the contracts, between any individual or corporate firms, availing the services of the company. These terms will supersede any other documentation from clients. 

  1. At our company, we strive to bring professional and skilled workers to assist in your bond cleaning requirements. We are very stringent about the rules to be followed, while these workers are treated at your place. 
  2. We do not tolerate any inappropriate conduct of business with us or with any of our professionals working on your property. This includes racist or defamatory remarks, abuse in any form, etc. In such cases, the company will take necessary action, including legal action, as deemed necessary. The company reserves the right to terminate the services as appropriate and necessary in such situations.
  3. The customers are liable to provide our cleaners with access to water and electricity to carry out their duties. In case of absence or shortage of any of these requirements, the bond cleaning guarantee will cease to exist and the cleaners will do their best to provide the best results in the given situation. 
  4. In case of non-availability of free parking for our vehicles, the customer is liable to make the payment for the paid parking. The receipt will be handed over by the cleaners as they leave for the customer to make the payment.
  5. To ensure proper and flawless cleaning, we expect not to have any items lying around. We would appreciate an empty home to give you the best results. We require you to move the items before cleaning. The cleaners will not be moving any items and the company will not be liable for any damage to the items while cleaning in such cases. We insist upon empty property before cleaning.
  6. It is the responsibility of customers to provide access to all areas for cleaning, failing which the cleaning will not be complete and the company cannot be held responsible. This might also have an impact on the bond cleaning guarantee offered by the company.
  7. Cleaners will not be responsible for taking care of children, pets, or personal belongings. The clients cannot disrupt the duties for whatsoever reason.

Property accessibility

Customers are required to ensure that the property is accessible to the cleaners from the company on the date of cleaning or the date of visitation if the same was scheduled. All the areas of the property, as agreed in the scope should be accessible to the cleaners on the scheduled cleaning date. Failing to provide accessibility can result in termination or cancellation of the services by the company. 

  1. The customer should be contactable at all times, especially an hour before the job starts. If the customer is not contactable, then the company might choose to end the contract or continue with the job as is appropriate in the given situation.
  2. If the job is not completed as per the initial requirements, owing to the unavailability of the customer or inaccessibility of the property, then the company is not liable for the bond clean guarantee. Also, if the cleaners have to return owing to this reason for completing the job, then there will be an additional cost to be borne by the customer.
  3. If due to inaccessibility of the property at the said time, resulting in additional time and effort to the company, the extra charges have to be borne by the client.
  4. If the property is not accessible on the agreed date, then a late payment or postponement fee is levied as applicable. 
  5. The customers provide permission to take photographic images of the property, before, after, and during the service solely to record the changes before and after the servicing, when they sign an agreement with us.
  6. The cleaners should be provided unencumbered access to the property along with access to electricity, water, and other facilities as required to complete the job. The cleaning materials, solutions, etc., will be brought in by the company staff and taken care of as part of the project.
  7. All personal belongings and heavy items should be moved before the property is handed over for cleaning. While our cleaners are exceptionally careful while cleaning the property, we do not take responsibility for damage to any other personal items in the property like furniture during the time of cleaning.
  8. While we ensure cleaning of the property, we do not remove rubbish or garbage from the property and this would be the responsibility of the customers before handing over the property. If you want you can negotiate with the cleaner for removal of rubbish at their agreement and the company will not be liable for any agreement you come with the cleaners individually.

Pricing and payment

The pricing quotes provided during the initial agreement between the company and the client are only an estimate based on average room sizes. This is liable to change at a later date depending on the property layout and the services or number of workers required among other factors.

We strive to provide an accurate estimate based on our understanding of the property when we have the initial discussion with our customers. However, depending on additional factors, like the ones mentioned below, the estimate might change.

  1. There is a discrepancy in the description of the property given by the customer and the actual property. This might be an additional room or space that requires cleaning, the presence of a carpet not mentioned before, or a different set of blinds.
  2. A heavily soiled property, or a single highly soiled room, will require additional use of chemicals and time to get cleaned properly. We try to provide you with the best cleaning as defined under the 2008 Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act. 
  3. Requirement of special equipment or specific skill to clean a specific portion of the property. This might include reaching dangerous heights to clean ceiling windows, etc. 
  4. Any area that requires servicing but does not fall under the agreed scope and schedule with the customer initially. 
  5. Any other charges incurred by the cleaning staff like charges on paid parking. In case there is a visitation required before cleaning to evaluate the property, then the visitation charges will have to be borne by the customer. 
  6. If there is a change made to the initial agreed scope by the customer by including a service or the cleaners have to remove any personal effects or items while cleaning.

Any changes required on the quote will be notified to the customer by the company and the variation has to be borne by the customer. The company reserves the right to not accept service as part of the scope of the same is deemed dangerous for the cleaners. In such cases, the bond cleaning guarantee will not apply to those specific areas. 

There are items like carpet, which can wear out with daily use and after some time, may not be possible to clean due to constant exposure to grime and dust for a long time. In such cases, the company reserves the right to revoke or cancel the necessary part of the agreed scope. This will be notified to our clients. Also, there will not be any warranty applicable in such cases.

Terms on payment

The company requires full payment for the services before the cleaners arrive and it can be paid through various methods as outlined on the website of our company. Unless there is a prior agreement, in writing, between the company and the customers, the payment has to be made in full before the services begin. Please do note that you will incur an additional surcharge when you pay with credit cards. There are also other taxes applicable as required on payment through other modes. 

  1. An invoice is issued on behalf of the company to the clients according to the original agreement and the payment has to be made as mentioned on the invoice.
  2. A booking amount has to be provided by the customer at the time of availing of the services and the date is decided based on the client’s convenience and availability of staff at the company. 
  3. The remaining amount as per the agreement needs to be paid either on or before the date of cleaning unless agreed differently in writing between the two parties, the customer and the company.
  4. In case of late payments, there will be a late payment fee charged by the company in addition to the originally agreed charges.
  5. The client is also liable to pay for any other additional cost incurred on the day of cleaning that was not part of the originally agreed scope.
  6. The client is required to pay all taxes including GST, surcharges, etc. associated with the payment made to us for availing of any services.
  7. There will be additional charges for picking up the keys to the property and dropping them off.
  8. In some cases, we might demand a non-refundable advance to be paid before the services begin. This is decided at the sole discretion of the company.
  9. Any alterations made to the original scope will also have an impact on the total cost. The variant in the fee has to be borne by the customer and made along with the full payment as per the originally agreed invoice date.
  10. If the payment is not received as per the agreed date, the company reserves the right to cancel the service and forfeit the booking amount. 
  11. Additionally, the customer is liable for bearing any legal costs involved with the property, including expenses incurred by the company for mediation, debt recovery action, or an out-of-court settlement. We are absolved of any liability for any legal proceedings involved in breaching these terms by customers including the collection of fees beyond the agreed date. We are also indemnified from any other legal costs involved with the services offered by us.
  12. Any credit card chargebacks without approval from a regulatory body or without an agreement with us will be handled by a recovery agent as referred by us and will impact your credit.

Refund and cancellation

The company requires prior notice to ensure a seamless cancellation and a possible refund of the fees charged to the clients. The project is considered to be underway, once the client form and invoice are issued by the company and the date is scheduled for cleaning after receiving an advance or amount in entirety.

  1. When the bond cleaning is canceled by the customer a week (7 days) before the date of cleaning, the entire amount is refunded by the company. This will also include the advance paid at the time of booking.
  2. If the customer cancels any bond cleaning services within 1-7 days before the scheduled cleaning date, then a fee of $50 is charged by the company. The amount is paid after reducing this amount from the total amount paid.
  3. If the cancellation is made within 24 hours before the scheduled date of cleaning, then a charge of $75 is applied. The amount is refunded after deducting the cancellation fee.
  4. If there is a postponement from the scheduled date, then a fee is charged similar to the scenario of cancellation, as mentioned above provided the postponed date is within three months. If the date of postponement is beyond three months from the originally agreed date, then a revised invoice is issued by the company and the charges may not be the same as the originally agreed amount.
  5. If there is an advance or complete payment made before the cleaning date, then the cancellation charges are deducted as applicable from this amount before refund.
  6. If payment has not been made, the client is liable to meet the cancellation charges as outlined above and within the time frame outlined in the original invoice.
  7. If the company cancels the order for inevitable reasons, then the amount will be refunded in full by the company subject to factors outside the purview of the client. However, if the cancellation was made owing to the safety of the cleaners, risks associated that are not notified earlier by the customer, inappropriate client behavior, etc., then the cancellation charges will apply as stipulated earlier in this document. 

The company reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any service owing to unexpected circumstances. 

If the job has been completed, then no other refund claims will be considered by the company unless the work is inspected by an authorized person, agreed by both parties. 

However, please note if a property visitation was done by the company, irrespective of when the visit was made, the charges of the same will not be included in the refund.

Bond clean guarantee

Any issue identified by the managing agent, like the real estate agent of the property, acceptable under the 2008 Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act, will be managed according to the law. The fee will be returned in case of issues identified as per the Act, within the terms and conditions outlined here and according to the exclusions and inclusions agreed in our checklist.

  • Our bond cleaning guarantee is valid for a period of 5 days and any re-work within this time frame is done without any additional cost. This is subject to,
    • No other person has visited the property since cleaning other than the managing agent or the real estate agent of the property for purely inspection.
    • No other cleaning has been done by anyone other than the cleaners from our company since then.
    • Notification to the company is made within the five days from the bond cleaning date.
  • Any rework after the initial 5 days will attract a fee of $80 and other costs as applicable. 
  • The bond cleaning guarantee will only extend to the services availed from us. If a service is not covered as per the agreement, the guarantee will not be extended to the same under any circumstance.
  • There are certain inclusions and exclusions outlined on our checklist for every service that would not be covered under the bond clean guarantee.
  • If the property requires a re-clean, then there might be cost involved for the same unless it was warranted by the agent of the property citing problems as per the original agreement with the client. In case of a re-cleaning, a notice of 24 hours to 48 hours is required by the company to schedule the same. 
  • The re-clean will be carried out only for the issues highlighted in the report from the managing agent or the right authority.
  • The warranty for the work after re-cleaning is applicable for only one day.
  • Our guarantee will not cover any natural events happening during or after the services. This would include watermarks from rain, dust from open windows, etc. You need to understand that an empty house easily attracts dust and dead insects and we cannot be held liable for the same if it happens after our cleaning. 
  • If you had opted for pest control after or along with bond cleaning, then there would be dead insects. Cleaning them will not fall under the purview of bond cleaning guarantee and might attract separate charges.
  • We are also not liable for any other natural events like storms, floods, earthquakes, etc., that are out of our control.
  • If there are severe stains that require a third party professional to work on them, like garage or ceiling stains, then the same will not be covered under our bond clean guarantee. 
  • The bond cleaning guarantee is only applicable for the services under bond cleaning. Services like pest control and carpet cleaning are not covered under this purview.

Complaints and feedback

If there has been any damage to the property or an accident, theft, etc., due to negligence of the cleaner, the same has to be informed to the company within 24 hours of the cleaning service. The complaint or feedback should be shared by email for documentation purposes. 

Any complaint has to be made with appropriate information like customer name, contact information, property information, and relevant documents. The complaint should also include the resolution sought by the customer. Registering a complaint does not warrant a resolution as expected by the customer but it will be promptly answered by the company. 


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